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In the autumn of 2018, we once more ventured out this, time for a bit of end of season pruning and pottering. Some of us enjoyed an excuse to do some DIY, repairing a broken fence panel at the southern end of the park. Others donned thick garden gloves and armed with secateurs and loppers, started to hack at the brambles which have begun to hang over the path leading from the children's playground to the north gate. Others were once again keen eyed litter pickers collecting bottles, papers and takeaway food wrapping from wherever it had blown. We also gave the children's playground a good going over. Henry the Dalmatian puppy looked on with keen interest but wasn't much practical use to any of us. 


We persevered until the rain and the hail came and then ducked inside a Friends house for hot jacket potatoes, pasta salad and hot cups of tea.


If you're handy with a litter picker, fancy a tussle with a particularly troublesome bramble or would simply like to meet with Henry, click the button below. .

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